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Blog Book: It's a Choice pt. 10

Hear the voice of my supplications
When I cry to You,
When I lift up my hands toward Your holy sanctuary, Psalms 28:2

last section of pt. 9 of It's a Choice

       ...Boy, was she mistaken when she thought she wouldn’t do anything as a sheriff. Sure, it wasn’t typically SHERIFF things but it was exhausting and time consuming.
 She had chased Sammy, only to have the apples he stole thrown at her. Two hit her in the head and a bruise was on her left temple.
 She had to go to the seamstress shop and get a big lab dog out of it. The dog was growling and scaring all the women, so they wouldn’t go near it.
 After that she had an hour break in her office to clean and sulk in her hurt before having to go chase Sammy again, only this time he stole bread. Even still he managed to throw rocks at her. She was sure her upper right arm was now bruised.
 Sammy got away and she went to go for his parents, but was interrupted by Mrs. Timpson screaming again. After running to the boarding house kitchen, she saw it was only a large black snake. She took care of the snake.
 Then she managed to go talk to Sammy’s parents: who seemed to be snooty toward the world and only focused on their farming.
 By the time she got back into town it was lunch time. The whole time she ate people stared and poked fun.
 Three times that afternoon Sammy stole more apples and bread, each time Lizzie chased him she got rocks and apples thrown at her.
 She was sure pa never mentioned doing this.
 It was 5 p.m. that found Lizzie Tyson walking in town to do her rounds before heading home.
 She was tired and just plain exhausted.
 She was heading towards the general store but thought she might pass out at what she saw. She stopped. There was Sam, Kora and of course… Tammy and Susan. They all stood by a bunch of large crates. Snickers drifted her way.
 Lizzie closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She walked forward.
 “Well, hey there, Lizzie, got over me yet?” Sam laughed as she came to a stop in front of them.
 “Or are you gonna kick him out of town this time?” Kora said and the whole group laughed.
 Lizzie just blinked and went to walk forward. Sam held up his arm and stopped her.
 Lizzie closed her eyes. She was too tired for this. Too many things had been thrown at her already. She had sweated a lot today and her hair was a mess. She just wanted to lie on her bed, with the cool night air coming through her window, and go to sleep.
 She took a step back and looked at Sam. How could he do all this to her? “Please, I need to see to some things and get home. I’m very tired.”
 Sam chuckled. “Now, Liz dear, I think you’ve been ignoring me and shoving me out of yer life fer too long. Why don’t ya be nice to me?” He looked back at the girls. “Ladies, did I tell you about her kicking me out of her house?”
 “You did, but tell us again, Sam!” Kora waved her hand forward and laughed, holding her hand to her chest.
 Lizzie felt her heart breaking more and she felt like crying.
 “Now see here, I went to declare my affection, and my… undying love for this lady. And she spit. In. My. Face. She kicked me out of her house and said that wasn’t good enough for her. She had the nerve to say that to me.” Mocking gasp and then giggles erupted from his audience. “And then, her pa…” Sam looked at her and grinned. “Well, ya’ll know about that. But, but the VERY best part is: she said she wanted God to drop her man right at her doorstep!” They all bellowed into laughter. “Or-or maybe she wants God to drop him at her feet.” More laughs. She had to get out of here.
 Kora spoke again. “Or maybe… Lizzie dear needs to be dropped at his feet.” More loud, cruel laughs and then Sam reached forward and shoved her to the ground.
 She hit with a grunt, her eyes closed.
 Lizzie took a deep breath. She felt too weak to get up.
 But she opened her eyes, and blinked to clear her vision. Right in front of her face was a pair of black boots.
 A man stooped down and helped her stand up. As she stood she looked into his dark brown eyes.
 He let go of her once she was steady on her feet. His eyes look straight ahead to Sam.
 Who had grown quiet.
 Lizzie stared at the man in front of her. His skin was dark, a smooth brown. He wore black pants with a black gun belt. A six gun rested inside the belt with a white marble handle. His shirt was a dark blue and his sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows. He wore a bead necklace and also a black hat pulled down lower on his head.
 A vein in his neck was popping out… it looked like from anger. He was staring very determined at Sam.
 He walked forward and stood directly in front of him. It was a moment before he spoke. “Sir, my father always taught me that a woman was a special and priceless person. Something to treasure, protect. Not to push down to the ground.” He reared back and slammed his fist into Sam’s jaw.
 Sam flew back and the girls gasped.
 Sam shuffled around a bit before slowly standing. His side fell against one of the crates. He blinked and shook his head. A trail of blood made its way from his lip. He was breathing hard.
 The man stared hard. “Now, I trust you’re sorry and you’ll apologize to the lady.”
 The girl’s eyes held horror.
 The man still stared.
 Sam took some more breaths before saying, “I-I’m sorry.” His voice was low.
 Lizzie snapped out of her daze and nodded in acknowledgement.
 The man turned away from Sam.
 Kora rushed toward Sam. “Oh, Sam, let’s get you the doctor.” All the girls helped him walk toward the Doctor’s office.
 Her defender walked forward as they fussed over Sam and the man came to a stop in front of her. He took off his hat, revealing a head full of black hair. “I do hope your okay, ma’am?”
 Lizzie slowly nodded.
 He smiled. “Good. Do you need someone to walk you home?”
 She stared a moment. “Um… no.” She shook her head. “I’m-I’m fine.”
 He smiled again but his smile turned to back to stern when his eyes landed on the bruise on her temple. “Did he do that?”
 Lizzie frowned and then followed his gaze with her hand, lifting it up to her temple. She hurriedly explained. “No-no this wasn’t from that, it was from, well, never mind… but he didn’t do that.”
 His smile returned. “I’m so glad to hear.” He nodded his head. “Good day, ma’am.” He then walked past her to a big stallion waiting up the street.
 Lizzie turned away. A frown on her face. What had just happened? She was just a little confused….

Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul....


All the Glory to God!

Hello lovely people! God is so faithful today. His smile is so present and He's proud of us when we follow Him. And He's right there to cheer us on. 

Praise God for our story finally being back! It's all Him, completely and totally! I hope and pray you enjoy our story and that it meets you where you're at. 

Comment below your favorite part of our story and if you liked the new character as you got to know him a tiny bit better!

I love and appreciate you all, so very much! Thanks for taking the time, and interest, to read this story. Thank you.

Chapter 10

   Lizzie still pondered the incident with Sam, and the stranger who helped her, as she rode up to her house. She tended to her horse and bedded him down for the night, all the while still thinking on the events in town. Who was that man who had helped her? More than likely a passing stranger with a spark of gentlemen in him, just helping a bullied girl.
 She slowly walked to the house, feeling sore. The dim light from the lantern on the table met her as she walked into the kitchen. Emma was at the counter, putting out some bread to cool. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled. “Hey, Liz.” She wiped her hands on a towel and turned around. “How’d it go today?”
   Lizzie brought her tired body down to a kitchen chair. “Fine.”
   Emma spoke while getting a cup from the cupboard, “You look exhausted. Did you have to do much?” She poured a steaming cup of coffee and set it in front of Lizzie.
   She sat as Lizzie shook her head with a tired chuckle and picked up the steaming cup. “Well, it was more than I first expected…although I still wouldn’t call it sheriff work.” She lifted the hot brew to her lips, savoring the warm taste. “I had to chase Sammy five times…the boy has got a bad habit of stealin’ apples. I wonder why Pa never mentioned that before?” She shook her head and took another drink. “Anyway, I had to get a big lab dog out of the seamstress shop. My face is bruised and my upper arm is bruised even worse. Anyways, all and all, I’m exhausted.”
   Emma had her chin propped up on her hand, her eyes were patient. “Whoa, you have had a rough day. I feel bad. If you like, I can go tomorrow and keep the dogs and Sammy away.”
   “No, you’re needed here. This is a way to help Pa out. It’s only for awhile. After all, it’s not like I’m in any danger.”
   Emma smiled a silly smile. “Well, I don’t know, those apples and dogs could be life threatenin’.”
   Lizzie gave a sarcastic grin and Emma chucked. “Do you want some dinner?” She said while standing.
   Lizzie waved her hand to the side. “No, this coffee is perfect.”
   Emma frowned and cocked her head. “Awe, Liz, you really should eat-especially after a long day.”
   Lizzie smiled a tired smile. “Just this once I’ll skip it. I promise I’ll eat tomorrow.”
   Emma lowered herself back to the chair. “Well…okay, just this once. Now tell me more details about your day. Did anythin’ else happen?”
   Lizzie waited a moment before speaking. The incident with Sam and the others was still fresh on her mind….


   Lizzie walked quietly into her Pa’s bedroom, trying not to wake him if he was sleeping. His eyes were closed but he opened them and smiled when she walked in.
   “Hey, honey. Come sit down,” He motioned with a finger to the chair by the bedside. “I was hoping you’d come in. I waited up fer ya.” His voice was low.
   Lizzie moved forward toward the chair. “Oh, Pa, ya shouldn’t have waited up fer me. Ya need yer rest.”
   “Ah, I fine. Yer ma was just in here, I think she went to check on the children.”
   Lizzie nodded, trying to hide the worry surging inside her. She had never seen her Pa down like this before. He had always been so strong, so tall and able to do anything. Seeing him hurt and weak made her worry, and hurt for him.
   “How was yer day, Liz? Tell me all ‘bout it.”
   “Well, you never told me Sammy likes to steal apples and throw them at people. Or that the ladies at the seamstress shop are scared of dogs or that Mrs. Timpson is scared of snakes and screams a lot…” Lizzie’s face held a small, mischief smile.
   Pa chuckled. “Ah, I thought Sammy stop stealing apples. I guess he decided to go ahead when he knew I wouldn’t be there. Ah, well, did ya handle it all?”
   Lizzie chuckled. “Yeah, I guess so. It all got attended to. No guarantee that Sammy won’t steal apples again, his parents didn’t seem to much care what He does. Anyway, it’s not normal sheriff things-
   “Ah, Liz, but things like that are normal Sherriff things-just as much as arrestin’ outlaws is.”
   Lizzie frowned; she had never thought of her Father’s job as keeping Sammy from stealing apples. She always thought of it as something bigger, like catching Texas outlaws and breaking up fights at the local saloon. But never the small, irritating acts of service she had performed today.
   “Ya see, Liz, as a Sheriff I am a servant of the people. And I serve Mrs. Timpson as much as I do others by catchin’ the criminals,” he paused a minute before going on, looking off for a second to think. “Some people might not count the small acts you did today as much of anythin’, but they’re all part of what being a Sheriff really is, maybe even more than all the other stuff.”
   Lizzie pondered every word her Pa said. In all the years she had known her pa, he was a Sheriff and she had never thought of his duties like this. It put a whole new outlook on her view as Sheriff. It put a whole new outlook on what she would strive for now as Sheriff.
   “Wow…Pa, I never thought of it like that.”
   Pa smiled. “Yeah, not a lot of people do. Just remember, Jesus said be faithful in the small things. If you’re faithful in those, you’ll go bigger. If not, well, how can you expect to have bigger things handed to you?”
   Lizzie nodded. “I’ll try.”
   “I know you will, girl.”
   Lizzie smiled and was met with another warm smile from her father.
   Pa cocked his head with a slight frown. “Did something else happen today? You look like you had some kind of an experience.”
   Lizzie just swallowed with a smile. Pa always seemed to know her so well. She was so blessed with the family God has given her.
   “As a matter of fact, somethin’ else did happen. And in a way, it has me confused…” Lizzie retold the story of Sam, Kora, and the other girls. Pa was angry when she told him Sam shoved her…but a different looked entered his eyes when she told him about the stranger and how he had helped her.
   “…I don’t know. He just came out of nowhere and didn’t say much, he just went on about his business…kinda like it was a normal, everyday thing for him.”
   “And he didn’t say anythin’ else to you besides what you just told me?” Pa asked.
   “No, just that and went on his way to the boardin’ house.” Lizzie frowned. “Why?”
   Pa had a look in his eyes, kind of like a knowing look of some kind. “Oh, okay. Well, I’m sure glad he was there to help you, honey.”
   Lizzie wondered about his look but didn’t ask questions. She let out a still confused breathe. “Me too…I guess.”


   Lizzie knelt by her bedside before exiting her room. She closed her eyes and breathed out a heartfelt prayer. “Dear God, I know what being a Sheriff is all about now. And I’d like to ask you to please give me strength to serve in the small things, to smile through them and be joyful. I give You my day. Do Your will.”


   Lizzie walked into her office with a new attitude. No matter how many apples were stolen or big dog breaks, she was going to do her best to assist these situations.
   Lizzie sat behind the desk and took a deep, steady breathe. She could do this. She could do all things through Christ who gives her strength.
   With that thought Lizzie paused and sadness washed over her. She had felt distant from God in a way lately. She had felt so broken after lies had surfaced about Sam and her.  She had felt so hurt over the dream she had about her dear sister. Where was she? How was she? She had prayed her whole life that God would bring Lexie back to her but she had never laid eyes on her sister since the orphanage.
   Lizzie blinked back a tear and she folded her hands on the desk and laid her head on them. She blinked back more tears. Things were so hard right now… She chose to wait and she was a bit scared to do that. But now her getting married was the least of her problems. She wasn’t even interested in that at the moment. Her Pa was hurt, gossip was spreading about her and she was afraid of what Sam may do to her. After his shoving her, she worried he may try and do more. She tried to push it out of her mind but it still pressed in to give her fear.
   And then there was still Lexie… She longed to see her again. Pa and Ma had looked for her but couldn’t find her. They even tried again a few years later but the orphanage had no location of where she was. After this was all over maybe Lizzie would leave and search herself. She longed to see her sister again. To see what she was like, to see if they still looked like each other…there was so much she wanted to see.
   Lizzie sat there a moment in silent tears, her heart aching. Then she remembered the piece of paper Ben gave her. She sat up and pulled it out of her pocket. Two verses were written on is.
    She read the first one.

For His anger endureth but a moment; in His favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Psalms 30:5.

   Lizzie felt comforted at those words. In God’s favor was life. He wanted life for her, a good life. And the last part of the verse was special too: weeping wouldn’t last forever, joy was coming. She had to hold fast to that, believe that. Weeping only last for a night, utter joy comes in the morning.
   Lizzie smiled and moved on to the next verse. This one was found in Romans 12:12.

Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer.

   Lizzie reflected on the verse, letting the Holy Spirit speak to her heart. She had to rejoice in the hope God was freely giving to her. She had to be patient in this hard time and the time away from Lexie. She had to remain constant in prayer to her Father. He understood how she felt. He was going to answer her prayer. Through all the trails she faced, staying in prayer, staying in Jesus, was the most important thing.
   “Oh God, help me to do that.” She whispered and then looked at the last verse on the page. This verse touched her the most.

The Lord is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeketh Him. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord, Lamentations 3:25-26.
Love you, sister.
      Lizzie looked up with a quick breath and tears, her broken heart touched. She was in awe of God. She knew that He was going to heal her. He was going to help her. She had to seek and wait quietly…she had to hope.
   Through her tears and brokenness, she felt everything was going to be okay.
   The door opened right at that moment and startled her to stand up.
   She was even more shocked to see the stranger that had rescued her standing in the doorway. He still had his hand on the door handle and he looked sorry for walking in.
   “I’m sorry, I-I’ll leave, um,-excuse me-” He went to close the door and leave.
   “No, wait!” She said hurriedly, holding out her hand in a stopping motion.   “Please, come in-I’m fine.” She quickly wiped at her tears, knowing she looked awful and her eyes were swollen, her face red.
   He waited for a moment, as though in thought of whether or not he should come in. He finally walked in and closed the door- but slowly and he looked uncomfortable. He just stood there with his hands in his pockets looking at her for a moment; he wore a brown coat this time with his same clothes.
   “What can I do fer ya?” Lizzie’s voice sounded so weak she wanted to crawl under the desk and hide.
   “I was actually looking for the Sheriff. Do you know where he is?” He looked as though he wanted to hurry up and leave.
   Lizzie groaned inwardly. She didn’t want his questions and looks when she told him she was the Sheriff.
   She briefly closed her eyes. “I, um-am the Sheriff.”
   He stared at her for a long moment, surprise in his eyes. His mouth was slightly open.
   She hurriedly explained. “Acting, that is. My Pa, he, um-had an accident and he needed me to take over fer ‘em. I’m mostly just here to get the mail and see that someone is alerted if there is trouble. I do get dogs out of the seamstress shop and get snakes out of the boardin’ house, and I even chase boys who steal apples but I, um, ain’t the typical Sheriff, I guess.” She stopped, realizing she was rambling.
   A smile made its way onto his face, and after a moment he even chuckled.
   Lizzie assumed he was laughing at her so she decided to just stand there and take it like an adult.
   “I’m-sorry.” He said, holding up his hand. “I,-um, it just took me by surprise. I’ve never seen a woman as Sheriff before. I wasn’t laughing at you, it was just the situation and the fact that you being Sheriff reminded me of something my own mother would have done.” He smiled sincerely. “Really, I wasn’t laughing at you. Please, I’m sorry if you thought I was.”
   Lizzie started feeling a little better inside. “I understand. It’s funny to me too. But thanks fer not laughing. What can I do for you?”
   The stranger took a step forward. “I actually came to town to see a man and I thought the Sheriff could tell me where he lived.”
   “I may be able to. What’s his name?”
   “Dan Tyson.”
   Surprise came over Lizzie face. “What,” she drew out the word, “do you want to see him for?”
   He frowned but answered the question. “Well, it’s a little personal, it’s sorta personal. I mean him no harm.”
   Lizzie could see she came off as rude. “I’m sorry.” She ran her hand over her forehead and down the side of her face. “It’s just Dan Tyson is my father, and I just was wantin’ to make sure you weren’t after him.”
   The stranger nodded, looking as though he understood now. “Oh, I see. Well, I understand, ma’am. And I assure you I don’t mean him harm.” He stopped suddenly and then pointed at her. “Then,” he smiled in surprise, “your father is the Sheriff?”
   She nodded. She felt like she could trust him but she wasn’t sure she could be sure.
   He still had a smile on his face. “Well, that’s really something.” He smiled for a moment as if in awe.
   Lizzie felt like she wasn’t getting the whole of his amazement.
   “Can you tell me where he lives then?”
   Lizzie thought for a brief moment. She should go along. If he was up to no good at least she could try and help. But on the other hand, she shouldn’t go riding alone with a strange man. She decided it was more important if she looked out for her Pa. “As a matter of fact, I’ll take you there myself. That is, trustin’ that you are a gentlemen?”
  “Yes, of course, ma’am. I assure you, you have nothing to worry about.” He looked honest enough.
   She halfway smiled, looking at him a little strange. “Good. My horse is right outside.”
   She moved forward but he stopped her with a question. “I didn’t catch your name.”
   “Lizzie Tyson.”
   His eyes smiled as he said, “Mingo Sutton.”


   Lizzie kept her hand on her gun the whole time while riding to her family’s ranch, though she tried to do it discreetly. If he was on the level she would feel bad if he saw her being so untrusting.
   The ride was pretty quiet for the most part, but when they were almost there Mingo asked, “So your Pa had an accident?” He looked over at her as their horses trotted.
   “Yeah. It was a wagon accident. He has some broken some ribs, and his right arm and left leg are broken as well. And oh, a concussion.”
   Mingo winced. “Sounds ruff.”
   “Yeah it’s been hard. But he’ll mend and we have that to be grateful for. Thank God.”
   Mingo nodded. “It sure sounds like He was lookin’ out for your Pa.”
   They rode on in silence for awhile when Mingo spoke again. “It’s really commendable you helping your family out like this. Really, it is.”
   Lizzie felt her heart warm at those words. It felt good to have someone outside the family cheering her on. “Thanks. My siblings are all doing their part too. My sisters are helping around the ranch and house while my Ma tends to our Pa. And my brothers are working on our round-up. So we all are pitchin’ in.”
   Mingo nodded, looking straight forward. He looked as if he had something on his mind.
   “How many brothers and sisters do you have?”
   “Two sisters and two brothers.”
   They finally made it to the ranch and Lizzie dismounted very cautiously. If Mingo was after Pa, he would probably make a move soon. Lizzie walked up to the house ahead of Mingo and opened the door. The smell of coffee met them as she moved aside and let Mingo in. She then proceeded to the kitchen and Ma walked in from another room right as they entered.
   Mingo already had his hat removed as he nodded at Mrs. Tyson.
   Mrs. Tyson nodded and looked at Lizzie for an introduction.
   Lizzie still had her hand on her gun. “Ma, this is Mingo Sutton. He wants to see Pa. Oh, Mingo, this is my Ma, Virginia Tyson”
   Mingo nodded in her Ma’s direction. “Pleasure, ma’am.”
   “Mr. Sutton. My husband is quite ill at the moment. What were you wantin’ to see him about?”
   Lizzie then felt ashamed. She should have known better then to bring a visitor to her Pa when he was so sick.
   “I understand that, ma’am. And if I can’t see him today, I completely understand if I need to come back another day.”
   Ma thought for a moment. “Well, he is up for a little bit. I hope you pardon me if I ask you don’t stay too long.”
   Mingo nodded. “Of course, ma’am.”
   “Come this way.” Mrs. Tyson nodded and led Mingo to the bedroom. Lizzie followed: she had to see what this was all about.
   “Honey, this is Mingo Sutton. He wants to see you for a moment.” Ma made the introductions once they were all in the room.
   Pa held out his right arm, pain written all over his face. “Mr. Sutton.” Pa looked at him with a slight frown.
   “Hello, Mr. Tyson. I know you’re in a bit of pain right now but I came a long way to see you for my Mother.”
   Pa frowned. “Your Ma?”
   “Yes, sir, that’s correct. Do you remember a woman named Willow Tree, in a small town west of here called Brood’s Junction?”
   Realization came over Pa’s face. “Yeah…I remember her. Is Willow Tree your Mother?”
   Mingo nodded, a proud smile on his face.
   Pa grinned with a chuckle, happiness was all over his face. “Well, I’ll be.”
   Lizzie looked at them both with confusion on her face, then looked at ma. Ma seemed to know what was going on. She had surprise on her face, as well.
   “I could see something familiar about your eyes,” Pa went on. “Ya have your Ma’s eyes, son.”
   Mingo smiled at that, proud. “Thank you, sir.”
   “Well, how is your Ma? Tell me all about her.”
   Sadness came over Mingo’s face. “She died about a year ago.”
   “Oh, I’m sorry, Mingo.” Pa gave his sympathies.
   Mingo smiled. “Thank you, sir. Anyway, sir, the reason I came was my Ma always wanted to thank you for what you did for her. But life went on after you left and her and my Pa married, and well, I came along. And in her later years she didn’t get around just too well, and she was just never able to come. One of the last things I promised her before she left was that I’d come find you and give you her thanks.”
   Pa looked humbled. “Well, thank you. She thanked me before, there was no need to say thanks again.”
   “Well, sir, she felt the need. And she wanted me to tell you that everything turned out just fine for her. She married Jimmy Sutton and they settled down west of Brood’s Junction. They had me a year later and farmed there up until my Pa died and then I took over the farm until she died and then I sold it, feeling God pushing me to make a change. She loved God and lived a happy life. She was always so thankful to God for you. She told me about you my whole life.”
   Lizzie was even more confused at this point.
   “Mingo, I’m certainly happy to hear all that. I think about your Ma quite often and wondered what happened to her.”
   Mingo nodded, with a looked of relief at his mission being accomplished. “Ma didn’t know if you still lived her but she knew that’s where you were headed.”
   Pa smiled and then looked over at Lizzie with a start on his face. “Oh, Liz, I don’t reckon you know what we’re even talking about.”
   Lizzie shook her head and shifted.
   Pa laughed. “I never told the story to ya’ll; guess I should have. Well, about twenty-eight years ago I was in Brood’s Junction-I had just finished up a cattle deal for my boss I worked for at the time, and I had to be back in three weeks. Well, Brood’s Junction was really prejudice against Indians-I think there had been an uprising about two years prior. I was comin’ out of the local post office when I saw the town’s people beatin’ and throwin’ around an Indian women. Me and this other man, Jimmy Sutton, rescued her and took her to an abandoned cabin five miles out of town. Jimmy and I had never met before but neither of us could stand what was happenin’. We both took care of her and helped her mend. I had to leave after two weeks if I was to make the ranch in time; she was just about mended about that time. So Jimmy was going to see she got to a safe place.” Pa grinned and looked over at Mingo. “I thought them two liked each other. Last I saw them they were ridin’ off west.”
   “It was on that trip to Sky Valley that they decided to get married. They got married as soon as they arrived,” Mingo said.
   Lizzie felt warmed at the story and surprised her Pa had never mentioned it to her before.
   Mingo moved closer to the bed. “I was nice meeting you, sir. I know you aren’t feeling well now, so I appreciate you taking the time to listen. I’m going to be here for awhile, so if you need anything, please feel free to ask me. Ma wanted to offer to help repay you somehow. I’ve got no place in particular to go, so please, sir, if you need anything, feel free to ask.”
   Pa held out his good hand. “No need, son. But this was repayment enough.


   Lizzie laid her exhausted body down on her bed at a little past ten o’clock.
   Mingo rode back to town by himself and Lizzie had stayed to talk to her parents for a few moments. The whole story that had brought Mingo to her Pa still amazed her. Lizzie was glad for her Pa’s sake that Mingo had carried the news of what had happened to his Mother.
   And Mingo seemed like a fine man. Lizzie had seen him heading to the General store that afternoon. He seemed to mind his own business but with a sense of grace. She heard Mrs. Timpson saying how polite he was and that she hoped he would marry her daughter.
   Lizzie yawned as she turned onto her side. Her mind drifted back to the verses she had read today and her tensed body began to ease. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord
   Lizzie closed her eyes, her mind, soul, and body felt at ease as she chose to rest in her Father. She felt confident, secure, and truly sure that her God was coming through.
   She had only to wait.

Have an epic weekend, serving Jesus fully. He's right there to guide you each step of the way, if you let Him. 

The Lord is their strength,

And He is the saving refuge of His anointed.

Save Your people,
And bless Your inheritance;
Shepherd them also,
And bear them up forever, Psalms 28:8-9

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Five Book Recommendations

        Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things, Philippians 4:8.

      Hello lovely people! God is so good today! When we trust Him, He will certainly come through for us! It's so important to trust our King. Even when we are having a ruff time understanding everything He wants us to do or surrendering.

   I know I haven't posted in awhile (sorry about that!), but I'm here today with five book recommendations! And the first three photos below were taken by my lovely sister, Reya (@reyasphotography on Instagram). "Thanks, Reya!"

Okay, are you ready? Let's go!

1: The King's Princess: A Magazine Compilation 

This book is by my dear friend Isabella Morganthal! It has many great topics and is very good to use as a devotion, reading an article per day! One of my favorite articles from this book is "Standing Firm" and there are several short stories that are really good. Totally recommend this one!
2: When Calls the Heart Series-Canadian West Series 

This book is by my childhood (I'm still a child in many ways, LOL) favorite author Janette Oke! 

The book follows a young school teacher, Elizabeth Thatcher as she goes to teach school in the Canadian Frontier! She later marries, and the story follows the adventures of their lives-with him being in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police! 

Two books written much later follow the story of their two children! 

I know some of you might like the TV Show they made based on this book, if so you may want to read the books too. Although quit different, well worth reading.

3: Missionary Stories with the Millers 

This book is a childhood favorite of mine, and is by Milderd A. Martin. I think it's more for children, but I think it's a fun book and worth reading.This book has many great stories of God's deliverance to people serving Him! I think even young adults, or adults themselves, may like reading this one! 

4:Three People 

This book is DEFINITELY a favorite, and one of those childhood favorites! The book is by Isabella Alden, and is about three young men. All three were born on the same day, but with three different backgrounds. One is rich, one is middle class, and the other is poor. The three boys eventually all come in contact with each other. And as I recall the importance of good choices and character is displayed in this book. The temptation of alcoholic is a huge part of this book. And the ending and characters are so fun! Please, please read!

5: Zoli's Legacy

This book is by Dawn L. Watkins. I remember this book, but I don't know how to tell you what it is about...I just know it's great as I recall and another childhood favorite! I encourage you to look up the description online!  


Well, that wraps up my recommendations for this post! I think I've recommended the first two before, but oh well! I haven't read most all these in so long so that's why the descriptions are somewhat lacking.
Let me know in the comments below if you plan to check any of these out or have read them already!

On another note, It's a Choice pt. 10 will be posted on the 25th! So stay tuned for that! I know it's been awhile since I've posted on that as well! So sorry about that! If you don't exactly remember where we are in the story you may want to read around a little to refresh your memory. But I will be posting the last part of 9 before 10 so you will be refreshed on where we are at in our story!

You all have a blessed Friday, and remember, God is most certainly faithful. And He always will be.

With love,


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