It's a Choice-Blog Book-Part 4

Hey Ya'll! Here it is!! After like a two week delay? Anywho Praise God!!! This is all Him!!

Chapter 4 The noise of all seven Tyson’s getting around the dinner table was quite the racket. Mrs. Tyson, with Lizzie by her side, was busy getting the hot stew and biscuits ready to be set on the table. The other two Tyson ladies, Emma and Betsy, were setting the table with forks, plates, cups and napkins.  Pa and the two Tyson boys, Ben and James, were washing up from a day full of chores and talking about a stubborn cow or the upcoming community round-up.  “Alright, ya’ll, supper is on the table.” Mrs. Tyson said as she laid a big bowl of steaming stew on the table.  The boys moved from the wash basin, on a small table beside the door, to the table. Lizzie sat the biscuits on the table as Emma grabbed some butter from the counter.  In a few seconds they were all seated.  “Ben, why don’t you pray over the food tonight?” Pa, seated at the head of the table, said over the noise and everyone hushe…
Hey! I don't have It's a Choice part 4 today but let's have a little quiz! Which twin in It's a Choice is your favorite? God bless you all!!😁

It's a Choice Part 3-Blog Book

It's here! Part 3!! To God Be All The Glory!! Yesterday I was reminded about pressing on in writing by two of my dear friends and here you have all of Part 3! Which wouldn't have been written in time for today unless God had moved on those friends!!
Also a huge thanks to my sister Chloe for editing all these things (so mistakes are on her, lol😛), but yeah thanks Becky:D Please check out her blog and web at the links below to find out about her own writing soon to be published!
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God Bless you all! Keep Seeking Jesus!!

Lexie laid on the tiny cot in the small cabin's kitchen. Darkness flooded through the room.
A single tear slid down her left cheek, and honestly she felt glad to be crying after a very emotional day.   Her ma laid still, warm in a grave. She didn't really know what the future held.  For the last ten years ma had been all she had; yeah, sure, she had Jack, but as far as that woman figure in her life-ma had been it all.  Lexie recalled how torn she had…

It's a Choice:Blog Book-Part 2

Part 2!! I hope you enjoy this part, it's small-but ya know!  I hope to have Part 3 next week! Enjoy and remember you are loved by our Savior, Jesus Christ!!! 
To God be All The Glory for these words!! Because it wasn't me that wrote them!!!

Chapter 2 10 Years Later… 1875
    Dawn peeked through the late teen’s bedroom window. A rooster crowing caused the girl’s green eyes to pop wide open. She stared in space a moment before rising from bed. She paused a few seconds and looked out her window at the morning setting. The fog was slowly melting away from the window, revealing a beautiful morning.  She stumbled over to her brown paints and slipped them on under her night gown. She made short work of putting on her button down white shirt. She tucked it in sheepishly then grabbed her brown cowboy boots and walked over to her bed. Sitting on the edge she pulled on her socks and put her boots on. By the time she was all finished she was more awake and ready to face the day.  She picked up …

Thanks and Part 2 Coming!

Hey ya'll! Thanks so much for all the kind words and support of It's a Choice Part 1!! Thanks! To God Be All The Glory! He gave me these words! It's all Him! I couldn't do this on my own!  Now I have some exciting news! I just finished part 2 and I'll be posting this week!!  Now: I'd like to ask a favor of ya'll! If you have Social Media or a blog or just an email, if you'd like-  can you share the news about this series! Thanks so much!!
God Bless you all!! And keep pressing on to Him! And know you are free through Jesus Christ!!

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage
Galatians 5: 1 (KJV)

To My Momma

Happy Mother's Day, Momma! I love you so much! You do so much for us and I'm not near as thankful as I should be! You've given up so much to take care of us and invest in our lives! Never doubt that we are proud of you!!!  I'm not always the best daughter that I can be but you love me anyway!  Thanks for it all!! Love you!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Momma's out there!

Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.
Proverbs 31:28 (KJV)

It's a Choice: Blog Book- Part 1

Here it is!! Sorry it's a little later than I planned but better late then never right? I hope you enjoy and this was only edited once so please pardon mistakes! God Bless and have a wonderful evening and weekend!!!😊😊😊😊

Prologue: 1973 Belinda Lewis felt like the queen of Arcata, California as she approached her house in a purple convertible with Brain Nelson, the heartbeat of all the girls in Arcata high school, and then some.  Belinda thought she might faint when he had asked her to a soda after school two weeks earlier. Wow! Brian Nelson had asked her to a soda. She had been too excited to even drink her soda. And ever since there she had gone out with Brian, she even missed church once-acting sick. But she didn’t mind missing church if it meant going for a long ride with Brian Nelson.  She felt such pride as they drove through her neighborhood, several girls had stood on their lawns with jealous gaze, their mouths gaping open.  Davy Jones’ voice on the radio was silenced when Br…