Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sunshine Blogger Award

Okay so I was nominated for this award by both Kindred Spirits and The Chloe Blog so I'm gonna do them in the same post.

The Rules:
1. Answer 11 questions from the nominator
2. Nominate 11 Blogs (although I don't follow eleven blogs! Lol)
3. Ask them 11 questions

Kindred Spirit Questions: 

1: Top 3 favorite books: Um Where the Treetops Glisten, For Jesus Sake, Loves Unfolding Dream (I don't know if there my top but you know lol)

2: Top 4 favorite blogs: Okay, I'm not good with thing like this, so I'll just say my sisters blog.

3: Top Fandoms, Westerns, Mask people, who live two lives and are outlaws for justice (aka Zorro, William Reynolds from Beyond The Mask), Public Servants, and Emergency (TV shows!)

4: Your Favorite YouTubers: Um okay, so I'll say my sisters, and Brooklyn and Bailey, Blimey Cow, and Isabella Morganthal.

5: What are you most looking forward to this holiday season: I think I'm looking forward presents and was looking forward to It's A Wonderful!

6: What is your greatest accomplishment: Well my Youtube channels now and when I finished my book, it'll be that.

7: What are you most looking forward to in Life: The dreams God had for me!

8: 3 items on your 2017 bucket list: Be more like Christ, learn the piano, and do a human trafficking fundraiser. 

9:  How long have you had a blog:  I've had a blog a little over a year

10: Desserts of the may meal: Both 

11: If you me me in real life what do you think I would be like: Well I know you so beautiful, fun, and thoughtful. 

The Chloe Blog Questions:

1: Do you live on a farm: Yup!

2: Have you ever written a book/anything: I've written 4 books and almost done with my 5th!

3: Do you play any instruments: I don't but hoping to soon!

4: Several but I'll name one, being a missionary!

5: Do you live in the city/farm? Do you is that you lived in the other: I don't now that I can answer that.

6: What is your favorite season: Winter

7: Are you a Late Person or an Early Person: Both

8: What is Your Favorite book of the Bible: umm Maybe Matthew!

9: Is there a certain miracle that Jesus did that stands out to you: Maybe when He cast that devil out of that boy, when the disciples couldn't. The whole story is neat!

10: Do you have a favorite Bible Verse: I like a lot!

11: Did you enjoy the questions: Yeah:D

I don't have all the people to nominate but I'll nominate

In chapter 12, i'm excited to finish this book!

Emily reached forward and with both hands clutched his suit coat.  "Please find her! Before anything bad happens to her!"

New Years Fun:

Hello! Today I have a special announcement! Starting Jan 1st, 2017 I will post a blog post everyday, for 8 days,  to celebrate and kick off the New Year with some fun!! 
I will have many girls featured on my blog and I'm sure you'll enjoy their features! Below is a line-up of the week so I hope you all will enjoy and make sure to come here everyday, starring Jan 1st-8th, and look at the exciting things we have here!

Jan 1st: A little Goal by Beth (yours truly)

Jan 2nd: An article by Isabella M.

Jan 3rd: A fun Memory From 2016 : By Olivia B.

Jan 4th: Q&A with Serengheti 

Jan 5th: A favorite memory: Alisha B.

Jan 6th: A Fun Sibling Moment: Grace H.

Jan 7th: An Interview with Grace

Jan 8th: A fun video with Reya and Chloe

God Bless! 

(And btw I'm on Instagram now so if you have it and want to follow me, send me a friend request, and comment below telling you did so. So I know who you are and can follow you back! My username is thisredeemedgirl.)

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Book Review!

First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you all are experiencing God's joy today!!!

Okay so as promised here's a book review on.....

Image result for where the treetops glisten

So this book, as I'm sure you can see, as three authors.... The book is about 3 siblings during WW2 and takes place between the span of 1941-45. Starting with a prologue in 41. and with a epilogue in 45.
Now the book contains 3  books, or maybe it's just separate stories. Each book being about one of the 3 siblings.
Each all center around Christmas!
The first book (written by Sarah Sundin) was about  Abigail,  and her meeting a man named Jackson. Who was going through finical trouble and she offers to help him by directing him to her father, a lawyer. 

The second book (Sarah Sundin)  is about Pete Turner, who is emotionally drained from fighter combat, he re-meets a girl named Grace through her little daughter, Linne. This book had a great message about God being the only One who can feel a hole in your heart.

The third book (Tricia Goyer) is about the youngest girl, Merry. Now this book takes place overseas in the Netherlands while the other books all took place in Indiana. She was field nurse overseas and this book was really enjoyable.

The epilogue was written by Cara Putman

And all in all the whole book had a great ending! A VERY happy ending!

So I love this book! It was really good! If I had to pick a book I liked best I couldn't, I like them all!

Hope you enjoyed and Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A little Christmas Story

Maybe this Christmas I will go to a Image result for holiday inn movie  and have a Image result for white Christmas or become  Image result for princess for christmas then I would get a  Image result for a grown for christmas halmark   Or maybe I will make a ton of cookies and have a Image result for a cookie cutter christmas dvd .  Rest assured I will have a Image result for a family for christmas. And maybe we will all sit around and talk about past Christmas times, after all Image result for every christmas has a story cast.    Or maybe I'll have Image result for a charlie brown christmas Maybe I'll even sing Image result for christmas carol movie latest version  But I must always remember that the true Image result for Christmas miracle dvd is that Jesus Christ was born, He is theImage result for the christmas child and that' why it's Image result for Christmas with a capital c 
and through Him, Image result for It's a wonderful life


Blog Book: It's a Choice pt. 10

Hear the voice of my supplications When I cry to You, When I lift up my hands  toward Your holy sanctuary,   Psalms 28:2 ...