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It's a Choice Pt. 8: Blog Book

So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham. Galatians. 3:9


We're back!!! Thanks my dear readers for being so patient while I worked on the SHIELD series! Anyways I hope you're as glad as I am to have our story back!

I hope and pray this part blesses you! And I hope you enjoy it!!! 

SO.... without further ado!! Let's get into what I hope you think is an exciting part!!

Here's goes... and praise God!

Chapter 8

   2 weeks later.

   It was early morning as Lexie led her horse out of the corral. The fog surrounding her fit her dark mood.
 Should I be going? Is this right? I have to avenge pa. I can’t stay imprisoned the rest of my life. I have to be free!
 Lexie shook her head; she had been through all this all night long. Her nap sack was packed, her horse saddled and ready to go. Nothing was stopping her now.
 She put her foot in the stirrup and paused as her eyes made their way to Jake standing on the porch. His eyes held longing as he leaned his side against the porch’s post. Everything about him was screaming, Don’t do it Lexie.
 She gritted her teeth as she swung her weight into the saddle. Clyde and Tim moved forward and she followed.
 Turning her back on the cold place she had grown to hate.


   Lizzie flew of the ole black stallion again. Her face was red with irritation as she sat up and glared at the horse prancing around.
 This was not the day she needed him throwing her around.
 She had been thrown around enough.
 With a growl and kick of frustration, Lizzie exited the corral. She couldn’t deal with this horse today. The love-hate relationship she held with this animal was all hate today.
 Due to her hurt in town.
 She sat down in a sigh of defeat on the top of the porch stairs. She felt like crying again. But she didn’t. She didn’t go there.
 Why were people so mean? Why did Sam lie? Why was her waiting suddenly becoming so hard?
 She squeezed her eyes shut and folded her arms over the tops of her knees, then buried her head in them.
 She sat there a long moment.
 Then she felt a warm hand on her shoulder; she looked up and her red eyes met Ben’s kind ones.
 “You okay, Liz?” His voice was quiet.
 She shook her head. “No. But I’ll get there.”
 Ben was quiet for a moment and they both stared over their yard.
 “It won’t be easy to love those who have hurt you. And sometimes the waiting ain’t easy. But God says to do both. Do you know that verse in Psalm, chapter 130: 5, it’s says, I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in His word do I hope. Waiting will be worth it, Lexie. It’s okay to cry out to the Lord, to tell Him about your hurt.” Ben reached in His pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. He handed it to her. “Read those, Lexie. And remember, I’m here for you.” He then put his arm around her shoulder.
 Her lip quivered and a gasp escaped her lips. She leaned her head on her brother’s shoulder as the sobs took over her body.
 …In His word do I hope….


 Clyde pulled his horse to a stop as did the rest of the group. Lexie’s hands were shaky as she pulled her reigns back. She knew Clyde’s stopping had something to do with her. She wondered why he even let her come along in the first place. That was the strange part. About two days ago he quit arguing with her about going.
 She was probably about to be shot out of her saddle.
 Clyde pulled his horse around to face her, a smirk look to his eyes.
 “So, you wanna be an outlaw, and you wanna run ‘round with us?”
 Those words pinched her heart. Stop it Lexie, this is what you want.
 She simply nodded.
 “And shoot and rob and do all the things outlaws do?”
 She swallowed hard before nodding again.
 Clyde nodded, an evil look on his face. “’Kay. You can.”
 Lexie’s throat was dry. She quickly glanced over at Tim, who was looking down.
 What was going on?
 “If you kill the Marshal, you can come along.”
 Lexie just stared at him. She had never even come close to killing before. She sorta figured Clyde would want to do it.
 “You pull the trigger, and YOU kill him. If you do it, you’re in the gang.”


 Lizzie pulled her brown horse to a stop in a lush, green field. The wind was blowing and causing her curly hair to fly around everywhere.
 She slide off the mount and only took a few steps before falling on her knees.
 Her screams were loud as she looked up and screamed to heaven, letting some of her hurt and frustration pour out to God.
 She cried for a long time. Not even speaking. Just crying it all out. She slowly lay down on her side in the field, still crying in pain. She felt so hurt and betrayed. She felt that waiting had betrayed her.
 She didn’t even remember falling asleep as she laid there. But before she knew it she was being startled awake by her name being screamed.
 She sat up quickly and blinked her eyes.
 James pulled his horse to a stop. “You better come; pa’s had a bad accident!” He turned his horse around quickly.


 Lizzie fumbled her hands together as she waited with the rest of her siblings in the kitchen. She stood with her foot propped in a chair.
 Each of them had worry on their faces and prayers in their hearts for their father.
 Lizzie felt guilt plaguing her stomach. Pa had gone to town to get some extra supplies they needed. He had gone because Lizzie didn’t want to have to go because of the Sam incident.
 James had said the wagon had turned over coming back from town. Something must have been loose, or something….
 James said he was unconscious when he was found. And he was bleeding on the head and leg.
 The door to her parents’ bedroom opened and they heard footsteps coming into the kitchen.
 The doctor had his black hat and bag in hand. He smiled at their anxious faces. “Children, I’ll let your momma tell you all about it.”
 “Thank you, Doctor Smith.” Mrs. Tyson smiled.
 He nodded and patted her shoulder. “I’ll see myself out.” With that He walked out.
 Momma took a deep breath as she faced her family. “He’ll be fine. He had a concussion, five broken ribs, and a broken leg and arm. So he’ll be laid up for awhile.” She sighed in relief. “But he’ll be fine. Thank God.”


 The fire was cracking and orange was reflecting on her face from it.
 Lexie felt confused.
 Could she kill?
 She thought she could, but now….
 Why was Clyde even giving her the option?
 Because He knew she couldn’t do it.
 Or could she?
 Lexie turned over on her side. She couldn’t go back. But she couldn’t kill the Marshal herself. It was one thing to ride along and help with things like that but to actually be the one that did them….
 Lexie took a deep breath and scanned over their camp sight. Her brothers were lying on the other side of the fire.
 Her life had gotten so complicated since ma died. Or maybe… it got complicated since she was torn from her sister’s arms so long ago.
 She had been good to Lexie. She loved her.
 But it still wasn’t much of a life. She had thought it was but it wasn’t….
 Pa was right. It was best ma had died and escaped this misery.
 Lexie blinked. Feeling somewhat emotional.  She wondered what it would be like had she never been separated from Lizzie. She might have had a nice life if Liz was along to help make it better.
 A single tear fell from her tired eyes.
 She didn’t even know where her sister was. She was probably married with three kids.
 Lexie had never even hardly seen boys. And they’d never even liked her.
 Lexie realized something in that moment. She was mad at her sister.
 Truly mad at her.
 Lizzie had always protected her. Always took care of her.
 Why had she let her be taken away?
 Lexie burst into sobs.


 All the Tyson children were in bed and Lizzie sat alone on the sofa in the sitting room.
 The room was dim with only a few lanterns lit.
 Lizzie felt overwhelmed and exhausted with the day. She had hurt so much today. And she had hurt even more with her pa’s accident.
 She felt like it was her fault. If she wasn’t still nursing her wounds she could have gone into town. It could have been her inside of her pa.
 She felt so guilty. She knew she was guilty.
 Instead of crying again, like she so desperately wanted to do, she reached into her pant pocket and pulled out the note from her brother.
 It had four verses on it. Lizzie went to reach for her Bible when the disturbed voice of her father caught her attention. She slipped the small paper back into her pocket and stood to go to her parents.
 “…. It’s okay. We’ll figure something out.” Her momma reassured.
 Lizzie walked in the room. Momma stood by her pa’s beside.
 Pa’s look was very disturbed.
 “What-what’s wrong?” Her eyes squinted from tiredness. Emotionally and physically.
 “Your pa’s worried about the sheriff’s office. With everyone being gone for round-up there is no one to take over while he’s laid up.”
 “What about the boys?”
 “I told him Ben could look after things but he says he needs Ben to work with our cows.”
 “Well, there’s got to be someone….”
 Her momma sighed and folded her arms. “I know. We’ve thought and thought but can’t seem to find anyone-” Momma raised one eyebrows and looked over at Lizzie. “What about you?”
 Pa’s eyes grew wide. “Lizzie can’t do that! I’m not sending my daughter to go take over as being sheriff.”
 Lizzie just remained silent. Her eyes had gotten wider. She couldn’t imagine being sheriff either. That was quite ridiculous.
 “Oh, she wouldn’t be sheriff. At least not in the sense of fighting criminals. She could stay at the office. Keep it clean. Collect the mail. And if anyone comes in with something she can always go get one of the men from round-up. Which nothing should come up. Things have been quiet for a long time. All the men are gone so that should take care of the saloon wildness.”
 Pa cast glances between daughter and wife. His eyes held worry and his face held a frown.
 “Clay, you don’t have a choice. Lizzie will be fine. She has a decent head on her shoulders. And she does know how to use a gun and take care of herself.” Momma looked at her. “But, of course, this is just if Lizzie wants to take over.”
 There was silence for a moment. Lizzie’s heart pounded in her chest.
 Pa looked at her, his eyes having softened a little and his frown having lessened. “Liz, do you want to take over, like your momma says?”
 Lizzie looked between them. Her thoughts running rapid.
 She wasn’t capable of being sheriff. Even if it was just collecting mail and cleaning. The thought terrified her. She just couldn’t.
 And she’d have to be in town. Oh, boy. That was just what she needed.
 But being scared to face town was what put pa in bed right now, with bruises all over him and splints on his left leg and right arm. He was in so much pain.
 Maybe she owed it to him.
 But she didn’t measure up….
 Through all her confusing thoughts she felt a Still and Small Voice break through and whisper to her heart. Do it.
 She felt scared still but she couldn’t deny what she knew in her heart: she was being told to do.
 “I’ll… Okay. I’ll do it.”
 She didn’t know how she was going to do it. Or what lie ahead. But she just knew she had to do it.


Lexie felt like she’d vomit as they rode closer to town. It was 8AM in the morning. Instead of going in at night Clyde had said they had to wait. They had to do their revenging in broad daylight.
 Lexie just knew she couldn’t do it. Clyde would have to and she would be on her own. If he or the towns people didn’t kill her first.
 They all pulled their horses to a stop on the outskirts of town.
 “Okay, Lexie. This is it. Ya gonna be able to do it? Remember: if ya do, yer in.”
 Lexie swallowed but her mouth was dry. She stared straight at the town ahead. She was breathing heavily.
 This was it. She had to decide.
 But she was so hurt and confused. She didn’t know what to do. She felt bitter and loving all at the same time.
 She didn’t know which would prevail.
 “Come on, stupid. We’ve got to go. Our pa’s demanding revenge from his grave. We’ve got to satisfy him so he can rest easy.”
 Lexie felt like she would explode from thoughts. Her heartbeat grew louder in her ears.
 “Sure.” Her voice was hoarse. So hoarse.
 Clyde chuckled. “Okay, let’s go then.”
 Then they moved their horses forward.
 They rode into town.
 Lexie felt like hours passed as they made the small walk with their horses. She felt she might pass out right from the saddle.
 Slowly the town’s people started to stare.
 I can’t do this! I can’t do this!
 They stopped their horses.
 She could see the Marshal slowly walking towards them on the right sidewalk. He walked slowly, his eyes held curiosity; his hand was on his gun. He probably wasn’t sure it was them or he would have pulled his gun by now.
 “Ya better nail ‘em now, Lex. He’ll get us.”
 Lexie couldn’t move.
 “Now, Lex, you stupid thing.”
 He had killed her pa. He deserved to die.
 “Now, Lexie. This is yer last chance.”
 Tim looked nervously at them.
 He was nearing closer.
 And she knew Clyde was going for his gun.
 The trees flashed through her head. Her being jerked from his sister blazed across her brain. Her pa dying. Her burying her ma.
 Her time was out. She had to decide.
 “Ya… show ‘em.”
 Lexie quickly reached for her side and drew her gun. She fired. He fell back. Blood flying from him.
 Something cold went off inside her.
 Her eyes were wide as she still pointed the gun, smoke curling from the barrel.
 “Let’s get out of here!”
 Clyde shouted and Tim and he spun their horses around.
 Lexie remained in the same position. Breathing deeply.
 The town was chaotic and men were pulling their guns.
 She snapped out of her daze and quickly holstered her murder weapon.
 She turned her horse around and kicked his sides. She sped away as bullets flew after her.
 But she could outrun them. Couldn’t she?

What do you think is going to happen next? Will Lexie continue with crime? Will Lizzie keep waiting and find healing and forgiveness in Christ? Will she be able to handle being substitute sheriff?

Comment below and God Bless!

But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for, The just shall live by faith. 

       Galatians. 3:11


  1. Agh! You left us hanging, haha! Looking forwards to the next part!

  2. I can't believe she killed him *bawls like a baby* :O I vote that Lexie doesn't continue with crime. This is too sad xD
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    1. annnndd I also tagged you again for the Liebster Award xD ;)

    2. Awww!! There both in Texas but pretty far from each other still! And THANKS a million for the tag!!!!

  3. Wonderful part!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Lizzie's Pa's hurt!!!!

  4. Bella MorganthalMarch 5, 2018 at 7:45 PM

    Aww!! This is so sad!!
    So glad to see the story back though! :D

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